Historic - 64 Year old Dakota Crash Site

I've always been interested in the past. This location represents a tragic and haunting look back some 64+ years. The story is as follows....

"On April 19, 1944, an RAF Dakota 576 — a military version of the venerable DC3 — took off from the Pat Bay airport in Sidney on a simple navigation exercise. The young British aircrew, pilot officers Tom Wordlow, James Talbot and their wireless air gunner Sgt. T.R. Moss, were barely out of their twenties. A few hours later, in thick Port Hardy weather and low on fuel, the plane tragically crashed into the densely wooded hillside just above the shoreline as they were making a second final approach. Only Sergeant Moss survived."

The Crash site is located on top of a forrested ridge in dense old growth forest. Making matters even more complicated is the fact that the area is full of black bears who feed on the ample berries.

After a short descent back into the forest from the top of the ridge you come upon the crash site. Its remarkable how well preserved the aircraft is considering its age and the environment.

Location: South of Bear Cove near Port Hardy

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